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LSB board | Light Strand Board


LSB board | Light Strand Board

PANDAforest LSB board is a kind of directional structural board, which is made of wood core as raw material, processed by special equipment into long flakes, and processed by degreasing, drying, sizing, directional paving, hot pressing and other processes.

  1. PANDAforest LSB board is a new type of board product. It combines all the advantages of MDF, OSB and chipboard.
  2. It has the strength same as OSB and the smooth and flat surface like MDF.



    Full Birch







    Crafted from high-quality Radiata Pine, the PANDAFOREST LSB board is engineered with a sophisticated five-layer structure for optimal performance. The design incorporates three horizontal layers of wood chips at the heart, enhancing both the physical and mechanical properties. The result is a board that excels in bonding strength, bending resistance, low moisture uptake, and effective nail grip, complemented by a subtle wood aroma.


    ◎ Made entirely from fine Radiata Pine for superior performance.

    ◎ Offers a finely textured surface for ease of finishing.

    ◎ Excellent for bonding with various surface treatments like laminates and veneers.

    ◎ Customizable dimensions to fulfill diverse construction needs.

    ◎ Available in lengths of 8, 9, and 10 feet for versatile applications.

    ◎ Features a practical tongue and groove design for quick fitting.

    ◎ Sustainable building material that safeguards indoor air quality.

    ◎ Exceptionally strong, ensuring durability and uniformity.

    ◎ Supports legal and sustainable forest management practices; meets E0 standards for emissions.


    ◎ Optimal for manufacturing robust and stylish furniture.

    ◎ Compatible with different types of coatings for enhanced functionality.

    ◎ Ideal for both residential and commercial flooring projects.

    ◎ Suitable for fire-resistant installations in critical areas.

    ◎ Can be used for constructing resilient and attractive walls.

    ◎ Appropriate for use in public constructions and personal DIY endeavors.

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    Versatility in Application


    Grade Size Layer up Weight (kg/sheet) Core Materials Packing Unit (sheets)
    AA 1220x2440x6mm cross-oriented 11.2 100% Pine 125 or 155
    AA 1220x2440x9mm cross-oriented 16.5 100% Pine 85 or 100
    AA 1220x2440x11mm cross-oriented 20.5 100% Pine 65 or 75
    AA 1220x2440x12mm cross-oriented 22.5 100% Pine 65 or 75
    AA 1220x2440x15mm cross-oriented 28.0 100% Pine 45 or 60
    AA 1220x2440x18mm cross-oriented 33.5 100% Pine 43 or 50
    AA 1220x2440x21mm cross-oriented 39.5 100% Pine 37 or 45
    AA 1220x2440x25mm cross-oriented 46.5 100% Pine 31 or 37
    AA 1220x2440x28mm cross-oriented 52.5 100% Pine 27 or 32
    Formaldehyde Emission: E0  ≤0.03
    Layer up:  Cross-oriented
    Moisture Content: 8% – 15% (at time of despatch)
    Dimensional Tolerances:  ±0.3mm
    Straightness:  ±1.5mm
    Density:  630 kg/m³ (approximately)
    Adhesive:  Available MDI, E0
    Joint Group:  For nails, bolts and screws
    Finish:  Unsanded faces, sanding  / T&G /  paint edges.
    Branding:  Each pallet of PANDAFOREST LSB board is branded as least once with the product name for identification and evidence of compliance with manufacturing control standards
    Storage:  tore on level bearers at maximum 1800mm centres well clear of the ground, and cover to keep dry but allow ventilation
    Source:  Plantation timber

    Apart from the regular standard dimensions of 1220mm x 2440mm, also special thickness lengths are available (thickness form 6mm-40mm, max lengrh 6000). Special dimensions available by request – there may be requirements for minimum quantity per special dimension.

    Provide One-stop OEM & ODM Service

    PANDAforest LSB board using the latest resin and continuous press technology, we have the flexibility to customize specific properties, lengths, widths, thicknesses, and surface characteristics.

    China Forest Products Supply manufactures LSB board products serving a range of industrial purposes and requirements. Whatever the need, our industrial team applies industry-leading technology to manufacture OSB panels to exacting specifications.

    We can provide OEM orders according to your requirements and work with you to build your own LSB board produts brand. Please contact our OEM Service Team.
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