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Since the birth of human civilization, timer has always been an important material in the field of construction. There is a word in China called "food, clothing, housing and transportation", in which "living" means House.  Both ancient and modern human houses seem to be inseparable from timber.

Why Do People Love Timber So Much?

In the world, timber has been the material of choice for hourse construction and decoration and furniture. Timber easy to work with, fast to install, and timber is closest to nature and renewable environmentally friendly building material.

In the long history of growing together with forest on this blue planet, human beings have a comprehensive understanding of the advantages of forest and timber.

The forest provides the necessities for human survival and protects human. She creates fresh air to let all human in the world live, and she embraces fragile human beings to protect them from wind, rain, cold and heat.

What we have done is to provide this irreplaceable "resource", which can be called the unique friend of mankind - Timber.

"This is great work that makes us proud and on mission". CFPS always adheres to this idea when we conside when exploring the infinite value of forest.

Throughout most of the 40 years, the company members logged and merchandised timber. Over time, it became an manufacturer and supplier of plywood, LVL, OSB, MDF.

Today, China Forest Products Supply Company has evolved into a timber specialist. It was a transformation that grew from paying attention to the changing landscape and looking for opportunities to build on CFPS’s core strength: timber.

"It is my greatest pride to be able to create and manufacture new types of boards, a steady stream of high-quality and inexpensive wood products, and create greater value space for customers." STATEFOREST says.

Timber has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any construction material, because it removes CO2 from the atmosphere when timber in the state of trees and remains carbon negative even with the addition of transportation taken into account. As such, building in wood sourced from sustainably-managed plantations can therefore make a positive contribution to combating climate change.

The globally recognised independent body, FSC and PEFC, has recognised the CFPS plywood, LVL, OSB and MDF manufactory for using responsibly sourced wood, awarding CFPS with the FSC and PEFC certificate. The FSC and  PEFC certificate can be supplied here.

In addition, as sustainability continues to develop, it becomes an increasingly important factor in the global architecture industry, CFPS timber continues to search for methods of ensuring that customers and end consumers receive products that have minimal impact on the environment.

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