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FOR stainably grown a sustainable FUTURE

Our products come from sustainably grown Chinese hardwood plantations.

About China Forest Products Supply

China Forest Product Supply Co., Ltd. (CFPS) specialises in the manufacture and supply of forest products, with your familiar products such as Plywood, LVL, MDF and chipboard board. These products are widely used in the construction, decoration, packaging industry and vehicle or ship manufacturing fields.

Our ambition is to provide our customers with the widest range of timber products in accordance with our lowest prices policy, backed with the best service.

Integrates and authorizes use of brands such as SENSO, SENHAO, HOM WORLD, ROCPLY, ROCPLANK,ROCFORM,ROCFRAME, DAYUANWOOD, These recognised brands are trusted within the construction industry and are the Preferred plywood and LVL products for Engineer, construction worker and building materials wholesaler.

With the long-term growth plan of the company, China Forest will absorb and integrate more brands and factories, use  cost-effective timber and services to carry forward the products made in China.

All our manufacturing happens at the China factories, from sustainably-grown China hardwood plantation.

China Forest Products Supply Company has been built on 3 strategic pillars.
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Lowest Prices

  •  Stateforest: we have the most direct raw material resources and service costs in China, and there is no any reason cannot produce products with the lowest price.
  •  We recognize that while we do our best to offer products at the lowest prices, we cannot be the lowest at all times. Therefore, if you find that a competitor is offering you a real and effective low price on the same product, we will supply you with 10% less than your competitor's price.
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Widest Range Resource

  •  At present, we have integrated 26 timber products companies, there including 23 timber manufacturers, whose production ranges from the lowest-end disposable packing timber to high-end long-term structural timber, from rough processed commercial plywood, LVL, OSB, MDF to UV, grooved and carved deep processing timbers, from conventional sizes to customized sizes of timbers, involving construction timber, decoration timber, household timber, packaging timber and vehicle and ship timber products.
  •  We have the ability to manufacture or supply customized timber that can be seen in the market,which are derived from our strong resource influence in the timber industry.
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Reliable Teams

  •  Our team members are the face of China Forest.
  •  We are proud to have the top team in China from production management to import and export services.
  •  With 40 years of production experience, we have cultivated 24 excellent wood production management teams and more than 1500 front-line production employees. It also trained 6 professional and reliable quality inspection teams and 4 sales and procurement teams with excellent product trade rules.
  •  hese teams are our wealth and capital, so that we can serve you with the best products and services.

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