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FOR stainably grown a sustainable FUTURE

Our products come from sustainably grown Chinese hardwood plantations.

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Who We Are

Welcome to China Forest Product Supply Co., Ltd.

China Forest Product Supply Co., Ltd. is an innovator and merger in the China timber and forest products industries.

China leading wholesaler of forest products and wood building materials, and a major supplier to construction companies, decoration companies and building materials wholesalers.

Learn more about our business and our strategy.

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What We Do

  • Timber and WoodenBuilding Materials Whosale Business

    We operate a whose business that sources high-quality timber and wooden building materials from China and overseas for supply to customers, and we manufacture wooden building materials and other products. This supply segment focuses on overseas whosale of timber products.

    Based on our authority and professional experience in the China timber industry and global network built up over years of developing operations worldwide, we are able to supply our customers with a steady supply of high-quality timer from legal forests. We constantly gather the best Chinese timber factories and professional trading teams to provide our customers with all-round timber supply solutions.
  • Manufacturing Business

    STATEFOREST's manufacturing operations in China is produce timber, we produce wooden based panel such as Fancy plywood, film faced plywood, laminated veneer lumber (LVL), particleboard, oriented strand board (OSB) and mediumdensity fiberboard (MDF) , and various wood working products such as UV plywood, T&G plywood, grooved and carved MDF. We supply them all over the world, including China local market.
  • Trading Service

    Based on our excellent teams, our current services cover four areas: timber inspection service, timber OEM service, timber import and export agency service, shipping booking services.

    We believe that the success of our customers is the key to our development. Whether you are a building materials wholesaler or a construction site, we will consider your needs from the standpoint of mutual benefit,provide solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.
About US

How We Do It

Based on our love heartily for timber products and industry advantages, we beginning of our absorption and integration strategy. Based on our own strong foundation, we will focus on six key areas: Profession, Quality, Service, Reorganization, optimization and classification. These six areas are the key pillars of Stateforest strategy, underpinned by our focus on creating excellent timber supply experience for our customers.

The Stateforest strategy is rooted in serving to our customers. We're guided by our mission: Attentive and professional service to customers, use our advantages in the China timber industry to provide our business partners with the most advantageous services and timber products, and help our business partners to occupy the local market stably.

About US

Our History

About forest

For over 40 years, China forest products supply people has been a major player in the China timber industry, focused on excellent sourcing and supplying chain worldwide.

Our products range from logs to Plywood, LVL, Chipboard, OSB, MDF, and wood products of a building from roof to wall panels to floor. We are all leaders in the industry.

This led to the inception of STATEFOREST and a system of more efficient, lower cost, higher quality and more professional services.
From ROCPLEX leading plywood manufacturing to SENSO and SENHAO produced China's first structural LVL meeting JAS-ANZ standards.  And until today, these famous brand has been a steady flow of exports of high-quality timber to worldwide.

We have been imitated, but never surpassed.

We are proud of our history and confident of our cooperation tomorrow.
Our Teams
Our team's members are the heart and soul of our business.

The guiding principles of our team are honesty, cooperation, achievement and innovation. Our guiding principles are keys to our culture and vision.

We are committed to having a socially responsible, environmentally conscious and honest perspective in our business community to pursue sustainability in our business.

We value the dedication of our team members, recognize and reward their efforts, and provide a humane, satisfying and safe workplace..

By continue to implement our sense of worth of sustainable development, continue to uphold the "do the best" confidence, and earn the right to serve customers.
About US

New Journey

Now we start a new journey as a fusion of 26 companies;  include China forest products Famous leaders and innovators in the forest product industry Such as Senhao Wood, Senso Wood, Zengyin Wood, Dayuan Wood, Qiangwei Wood, Zhengquan Wood, Huaiquan Wood and ROC International merged into China Forest Products Supply.

It's not just a merger; it's a new beginning.

China Forest steps into the new Journey with most innovative and high-quality wood products on the market, sourced from China's finest lumber companies, always targeting the needs of our customers.