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Melamine MDF


The PANDAforest melamine faced MDF is high quality melamine coated MDF board. With MDF base board as the core layer and coated with melamine on the face and back.

  1. It is Ideal material for in furniture and interior design, such as furniture door panels, shelves, closets or wall panels.
  2. In response to modern aesthetic needs, PANDAforest offers high-quality solutions with a wide selection of surface effect, patterns and colours.
  3. PANDAforest melamine MDF board is famous for its color natural, stability and durability.



    Full Birch







    PANDAforest Melamine Finished MDFis a high quality, versatile building material ideal for a variety of applications. This innovative product combines the durability and strength of MDF with the stylish look of melamine, making it ideal for both residential and commercial projects.

    PANDAforest Melamine Faced MDF uses a solid MDF substrate as its core layer, providing excellent stability and strength. This makes it suitable for a variety of construction and interior design projects, including furniture, cabinets, shelving, and more. Melamine coating on the front and back of the board adds a smooth and durable surface, enhancing its beauty and ensuring long-lasting performance.

    One of the main advantages of PANDAforest melamine faced MDF is its exceptional durability. Melamine coating provides a layer of protection against scratches, moisture and general wear and tear, making it ideal for high traffic areas and environments where durability is critical. This makes it a practical and cost-effective solution for residential and commercial applications.

    Excellent in durability, PANDAforest melamine faced MDF is available in a variety of colors and finishes, offering endless design possibilities. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, modern white finish, a rich woodgrain effect, or a bold, vibrant color, PANDAforest melamine faced MDF options can suit your design preferences.

    PANDAforest melamine faced MDF is easy to use and suitable for professional builders and DIY enthusiasts. It can be easily cut, drilled and shaped to meet specific project requirements, allowing for seamless installation and customization. This versatility and ease of use make it a popular choice for a variety of construction and design projects.

    In terms of environmental considerations, PANDAforest melamine faced MDF is an eco-friendly option. It is manufactured from sustainable and responsibly sourced materials, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally friendly projects.


    Preferred MDF as the inner core material, the surface is covered with melamine, the structure is stable, and the color is permanent.


    ◎ Natural pattern and full color

    ◎ Screw holding capability.

    ◎ Can be painted, printed, veneered or laminated with excellent results.

    ◎ Smooth machined edges.

    ◎ Cuts and routes cleanly.

    ◎ We have the flexibility to customize specific properties, lengths, widths.

    ◎ Available in 8-ft, 9-ft and 10-ft lengths.

    ◎ Available in tongue and groove profile for easy installation.

    ◎ Core advantage,PANDAforest is in the core circle of production and R&D of melamine boards in China, can provide the latest product designs and processes at the first time.

    ◎ The source factory has complete designs and colors, and tens thousands of designs and colors can be customized.

    ◎ Cluster advantage, we work in multiple processing plants together to provide the cheapest price.

    ◎ PANDAforest's joint factory is one of the earliest and most mature melamine board factories in China, with good quality and large output.

    ◎ Support FSC and PEFC legally harvested resources. and is E0 emissions compliant.

    ◎ Support OEM/ ODM service.


    ◎ Office & Residential furniture

    ◎ Cabinets or shelves

    ◎ Flooring in bathrooms or washrooms

    ◎ Decorative items

    ◎ Laminate flooring

    ◎ Door skins

    ◎ Wall paneling

    ◎ Perforated boards

    ◎ Carving boards

    Surface Style

    PANDAforest melamine faced MDF available four surface styles


    Design&color surface type

    Don't hesitate to contact us for color customization. Contact Us

    Design&color surface type

    Don't hesitate to contact us for color customization. Contact Us

    Multilayer PCBs.

    Don't hesitate to contact us for color customization. Contact Us

    Design&color surface type

    Don't hesitate to contact us for color customization. Contact Us

    Versatility in Application


    Grade Size Layer up Weight (kg/sheet) Core Materials Packing Unit (sheets)
    AA 1220x2440x1mm /-/ 2.8 MDF 600
    AA 1220x2440x1.5mm /-/ 4.2 MDF 400
    AA 1220x2440x2mm /-/ 5.7 MDF 300
    AA 1220x2440x2.5mm /-/ 7.2 MDF 250
    AA 1220x2440x3mm /-/ 8.5 MDF 200
    AA 1220x2440x5mm /-/ 10.4 MDF 120
    AA 1220x2440x6mm /-/ 12.5 MDF 100
    AA 1220x2440x9mm /-/ 18.2 MDF 70
    AA 1220x2440x12mm /-/ 24.2 MDF 50
    AA 1220x2440x15mm /-/ 30.2 MDF 40
    AA 1220x2440x18mm /-/ 36.2 MDF 35
    AA 1220x2440x21mm /-/ 42.5 MDF 30
    AA 1220x2440x25mm /-/ 50.5 MDF 25
    Layer up:Flat pressing
    Moisture Content:8% – 15% (at time of despatch)
    Dimensional Tolerances:±0.3mm
    Density:630 kg/m³ (approximately)
    Adhesive:Available MDI, E0
    Joint Group:For nails, bolts and screws
    Finish:Unsanded faces, sanding  / T&G
    Branding:Each pallet of PANDAFOREST chipboard  is branded as least once with the product name for identification and evidence of compliance with manufacturing control standards
    Storage:Store on level bearers at maximum 1800mm centres well clear of the ground, and cover to keep dry but allow ventilation
    Source:Plantation timber

    Provide One-stop OEM & ODM Service

    We can provide OEM orders according to your requirements and work with you to build your own plywood brand. Please contact our OEM Service Team.

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