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HPL Fireproof Board


PANDAforest HPL MDF Board ( High Pressure Laminates MDF Board ) also known as a fire-resistant MDF board. It is a kind of engineered MDF overlaid on both sides with an stable, consistent, hard wearing HPL layers, can be effective flame retardant.

  1. HPL considered one of the most durable decorative surface materials and has special performance properties such as chemical, fire and abrasion resistance.
  2. Fireproof panels are widely used in interior decoration, furniture, kitchen cabinets, laboratory bench, exterior walls, architectural doors and other fields which are safer to use and have a longer service life.



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    PANDAforest HPL MDF fireproof panels are designed to meet the highest safety standards, making them ideal for commercial, residential and industrial projects. Its unique composition includes stable, consistent and wear-resistant HPL layers on both sides, providing superior fire and heat resistance protection. This innovative construction ensures that even in the event of a fire, the board remains intact and functional, providing users with peace of mind and safety.

    More than just excellent fire-resistant properties, PANDAforest HPL MDF fire-resistant panels offer the same versatility and ease-of-use as traditional MDF panels. It can be easily cut, shaped and installed for a variety of applications including wall cladding, furniture, cabinets and more. Its durable surface is also resistant to scratches, stains and impacts, ensuring long-lasting performance in high-traffic areas.

    PANDAforest HPL MDF fireproof panels are available in a variety of finishes, colors and textures, offering endless design possibilities. Whether you are looking for a sleek, modern aesthetic or a natural wood grain look, this board can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

    PANDAforest HPL MDF fire-resistant panels offer superior fire performance, durability and design flexibility, making them the ultimate choice for architects, designers, contractors and homeowners who prioritize project safety and quality. 

    PANDAFOREST HPL MDF Fireproof Board

    We offer rich pure colours, also offer colors with simulated wood grain or cloth textures. You just need to provide your ideas, and let us do the rest.


    Preferred MDF as the inner core material, the surface is covered with HPL layers, the structure is stable, the color is permanent and effective flame retardant.


    ◎ Exceptional resistance to wear, high temperatures, soil, shocks, ignition from cigarettes, and direct flames.

    ◎ Showcases a natural texture with a vast selection of premium laminate finishes of superior quality.

    ◎ Highly resistant to water damage and impervious to fungal and insect attacks, ensuring lasting durability.

    ◎ Superior resistance to impacts, scratches, and cracks.

    ◎ Excellent ability to hold screws firmly.

    ◎ Smoothly finished edges for a polished look.

    ◎ Precise cuts and routing for easy installation.

    ◎ Outstanding resistance to mold growth.

    ◎ Ready for immediate use, reducing time and costs associated with preparation.

    ◎ The manufacturing facility offers a comprehensive range of designs and colors, with the option to customize tens of thousands of variations.

    ◎ Ability to tailor specific dimensions and properties to meet individual needs.

    ◎ PANDAforest is a leader in the timber industry, offering the latest designs and technologies promptly.

    ◎ Collaborative efforts with multiple processing plants ensure competitive pricing.

    ◎ Our affiliated factory is among the first and most established HPL board manufacturers in China, known for its high-quality products and large production capacity.

    ◎ Compliant with E0 emissions standards and supports FSC and PEFC certifications for sustainable forestry.

    ◎ Provides OEM/ODM services to cater to specific requirements.


    ◎ Suitable for office and residential furniture.

    ◎ Ideal for bathroom stall dividers and toilet partitions.

    ◎ Can be used for door skins and wall paneling.

    ◎ Perfect for laboratory tabletops.

    ◎ Applicable for cabinets or shelves.

    ◎ Suitable for flooring in bathrooms or washrooms.

    ◎ Can be used for decorative items and laminate flooring.

    ◎ Suitable for outdoor enclosures.

    Surface Style

    PANDAforest HPL Fireproof Board available four surface styles


    Design&color surface type

    Don't hesitate to contact us for color customization. Contact Us

    Design&color surface type

    Don't hesitate to contact us for color customization. Contact Us

    Multilayer PCBs.

    Don't hesitate to contact us for color customization. Contact Us

    Design&color surface type

    Don't hesitate to contact us for color customization. Contact Us
    Pure Coloursz1v
    Wood Graincf6
    Cloth Texturemtv
    Matte surfacedzu

    Versatility in Application


    Grade Size Layer up Weight (kg/sheet) Core Materials Packing Unit (sheets)
    AA 1220x2440x1mm /-/ 2.8 MDF 600
    AA 1220x2440x1.5mm /-/ 4.2 MDF 400
    AA 1220x2440x2mm /-/ 5.7 MDF 300
    AA 1220x2440x2.5mm /-/ 7.2 MDF 250
    AA 1220x2440x3mm /-/ 8.5 MDF 200
    AA 1220x2440x5mm /-/ 10.4 MDF 120
    AA 1220x2440x6mm /-/ 12.5 MDF 100
    AA 1220x2440x9mm /-/ 18.2 MDF 70
    AA 1220x2440x12mm /-/ 24.2 MDF 50
    AA 1220x2440x15mm /-/ 30.2 MDF 40
    AA 1220x2440x18mm /-/ 36.2 MDF 35
    AA 1220x2440x21mm /-/ 42.5 MDF 30
    AA 1220x2440x25mm /-/ 50.5 MDF 25
    Layer up:Flat pressing
    Moisture Content:8% – 15% (at time of despatch)
    Dimensional Tolerances:±0.3mm
    Density:650 kg/m³ (approximately)
    Adhesive:Available MDI, E0
    Joint Group:For nails, bolts and screws
    Finish:Unsanded faces, sanding  / T&G
    Branding:Each pallet of PANDAFOREST chipboard is branded as least once with the product name for identification and evidence of compliance with manufacturing control standards
    Storage:Store on level bearers at maximum 1800mm centres well clear of the ground, and cover to keep dry but allow ventilation
    Source:Plantation timber

    Provide One-stop OEM & ODM Service

    We can provide OEM orders according to your requirements and work with you to build your own plywood brand. Please contact our OEM Service Team.

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